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Privacy Policy, Copyright, Disclaimer, Accessibility Statement

Privacy Policy Statement

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University ("PolyU") pledges to comply with the requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance. In doing so, we will ensure compliance by our staff with the highest standards of security and confidentiality.

Kinds of personal data held by PolyU

   a.  Student records which include records containing information provided by or collected from applicants / students / former students.
   b.  Personnel records which include personal particulars, job descriptions, details of compensation and benefits, performance appraisals, references and disciplinary matters relating to job applicants, employees and former employees of PolyU.
   c.  Other records which include administration and other files other than student records and personnel records.

Main purposes of maintaining personal data

   a.  Student records are maintained by PolyU for academic and administrative purposes, including dealing with matters relating to the individual's applications or studies, facilitating communications, processing applications for activities, services and facilities, complying with applicable procedures and laws, and all other purposes related to any of the above.
   b.  Personnel records are maintained by PolyU for human resource management purposes including matters relating to the employees' employment, enabling internal communications, complying with applicable procedures and laws, and all other purposes related to any of the above.
   c.  Other records are maintained by PolyU for different purposes which vary according to the nature of the record, such as performing administrative functions, seeking advice on operational matters, organizing and delivering educational and training activities, etc.

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Copyright Statement

If you have any reason to believe that the PolyU website contains materials infringing your copyright, please notify us. We will investigate the matter immediately and take remedial action, if necessary. 

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