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Information for Students under the Age of 18 and Their Parents

The University is an adult environment and students under 18 (minors) will be treated the same way as all other university students and should abide by rules and regulations, and observe guidelines and policies of the University.  However, under certain circumstances, minors do not have full legal capacity, consent from parents/guardians will therefore be sought, upon the students’ acceptance of offers, for them to select programmes, enroll in subjects and participate in the University’s academic or non-academic activities.

The University will give due consideration and provide support to minors facilitating their transition to the university life.   Minors and their parents should pay attention to the following non-academic matter:

Non-academic Matters relating to Student Life

Points to Note/Guidelines

Halls of Residence

  • No special zone for minors
  • Consent of Parents/guardian about student’s residing in the Halls and student’s undertaking to comply with hall rules and consent of release of information to parent/guardian in case of emergency or before change of residential status
  • Some notification procedures advised to keep tutors and wardens posted of any exceptions to residence


Student Organizations and Activities

  • minors are welcome to join student clubs and societies
  • should not hold office to become an office bearer or sign any contracts
  • beware of the risks in joining activities organized by student organizations and obtain insurance coverage as appropriate


Health and Safety

  • need to have emergency contact with parents/guardians in case of medical treatment/operation, counseling service and any other situation at risk

Access to Information, alcohol and tobacco

  • observe the regulation of the Control of Obscene and Indecent Articles Ordinance, and Prevention of Child Pornography
  • smoking is prohibited in the University and Halls of Residence
  • consumption of alcohol in the University/Halls of Residence, or when participating in activities organized by the university or student organizations is prohibited

 protection of personal data

  • minors’ personal data are also protected,  university would correspond with  students directly under normal circumstances, parents/guardians are encouraged to keep in close contact with minors whose consent is required before their data will be disclosed