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  • Introduction of OSRS

    OSRS has been introduced since 1998 and aims to provide opportunities for outstanding student-athletes to pursue their tertiary education in PolyU. We welcome applicants who have participated in prominent international competitions, or are members of Hong Kong Team/Junior Team, to apply for the scheme. Applications should be submitted to our Office of Counselling and Wellness (Sports Development) through relevant sports organizations. Application forms and further details are obtainable via the website. If you have very outstanding achievement in sports, you should participate in the OSRS.

Our Objectives
  • To provide opportunities for outstanding sportsmen to study at PolyU
  • To raise the sports performance of PolyU Sports Teams
  • To recognize the distinguish achievements of sportsmen in the community
  • To promote all-round development in PolyU community
Application Date: 23 Nov 2019