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General Information of Student Lockers

Service Targets

Full-time & Part-time students are eligible to apply for a locker from 2 September. 

Rental of student locker

Each successful applicant will be allocated with a locker for use till June 15 of the said academic year. All users should take note of the deadline of June 15 when their lockers are expected to be vacated for routine cleaning and annual maintenance. Our Centre reserves the right to force open any locker(s) to remove any items which are found inside lockers after the deadline of June 15. An administrative cost of $100 (subject to change) would be charged on users who fail to do so as a penalty.

How to apply?Online application via locker system at
Application period From 2 September, first-come-first-served.
Method of application/allocation First-come-first-served
Commencement of use of locker

Applicants will be notified by email telling them the locker number and when they can start using the locker, usually 2-3 days upon settlement of locker fee payment.

"Warning & Tips (padlocks)"

Termination/ Withdrawal/ Completion of Study

Early return of locker is required in case of:
• Graduation or completion of study
• Termination of study
• Deferment of study
• Withdrawal of study
• Change of Academic Programme
In the above circumstances, users have to vacate and unlock their lockers as soon as possible and within one month, failing that, our Office will force open any locker(s) and dispose of any items which are found inside lockers.

Students who have their student ID changed are required to report to our Office as soon as possible. Our Office may classify locker users whose student status switched to non-active mode as termination of use of locker. In such cases, our Office will force open any locker(s) and dispose of any items which are found inside lockers after the one-month grace period

Important Advice  Students are advised not to store any valuable belongings such as cash, digital devices, personal identity documents, etc. in the lockers. The University will not be responsible for the security, loss nor damage of the property kept inside the lockers. Students should take full responsibility of items stored in their lockers. In case of theft, students are advised to report to the Campus Security Control Centre (Room P110).

Students are strongly advised to acquire a strong padlock for their own locker.
"Warning & Tips (padlocks)"

Combination locks are not recommended, for security reasons.

Deadline for clearance 15 June every year
Locker fee HK$30 (one-off non-refundable)
Important notes
Unauthorized use of lockers is strictly prohibited. In case of unauthorized occupation of locker, STARS has the right to force open the locker to remove and dispose of the items therein without notification in advance. STARS is not liable for any loss or damage of items. Students will be penalized for occupying lockers without observing proper locker application procedures. Those unauthorized locker users will be charged an administrative fee of $100 (subject to change)  per locker.
Special Message for locker users on old terms: locker users who have been using locker services since 2010 can enjoy locker service till graduation.


Special arrangement in summer

Summer locker service is available for current locker users who have genuine needs, and for students who have to attend classes in the summer term.

Eligibility Current locker users who have paid the locker rental fee of 2014/2015 are eligible to apply. (First-come-first-served) 
Application method Please submit application in person at the counter of the Centre STARS
Application period 15 May - 30 Jun
Period of use 15 May - 30 Sep
Fee N/A (summer locker arrangement is free as long as the applicant is a current locker user who has settled the $30 locker fee for the current academic year)
Notes   Locker users will not be given any choice in terms of locker location as summer lockers are onlyavailable at designated zones.
    Locker users of the summer term are expected to vacate and unlock their lockers on / before the deadline of September 30. Or else, the lockers would be cleared by Centre STARS and an administrative fee of $100 (subject to change)  would be charged as a penalty.

Supporting Services

Students should seek help from our staff IN PERSON in the following situations:

Request for padlock cutting service
a. Key lost
b. Padlock damaged
c. Locker occupied by unauthorized users

Report to Centre STARS about locker being forced open a. Unauthorized use of locker (without proper application procedures and approval)
b. Delayed clearance of locker by 15 June




Room ST314, 3/F Core S
Tel: 2766 6828

Opening hours of Reception counter:
Mondays to Fridays: 09:00 – 19:00
Saturdays: 09:00 – 12:00
Sundays & Public Holidays: Closed


Last Update: Sep 2015