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Guidelines for Student Leaders

Guidelines for Student Leaders


Use of the University's Name

Students and student organizations wishing to represent the University must first obtain the President’s written permission.  Without this written permission, students must not claim to represent the University in any circumstances, including correspondence with the press or the public.

Students and student organizations wishing to use the Title of the University in the name of any student organization must seek the approval of the President.  Authority for the use of the Title of the University in the name of any student organization from the President is deemed to be given upon the execution and returning to the University of a Deed of Undertaking or an Acknowledgement of Compliance with the Statement of Policy and Conditions as provided by the University.  The University has an absolute discretion to give or refuse to give authority to any student organization to use the Title of the University in its name.


Subsidies for Activities of Students' Union

A number of funds are designated for subsidizing activities of the Students' Union and its sub-organizations.  Application should be submitted to the Student Affairs Office through the Finance Committee of the Union Council.  Subsidies will normally cover only part of the expenses incurred by an activity and will be paid to the society concerned in the form of reimbursement after submission of the activity report and a financial statement.  Application forms are obtainable from the Union Council (Room VA324) and/or the Student Affairs Office (Room ST314).


1.     PolyU Funding

  • Grant to Student Societies

    In July each year, the University will make a budget provision for subsidizing student activities organized by the Students’ Union and its sub-organizations.
  • University Tenth Anniversary Endowment Fund

    Interest generated each year from the University 10th Anniversary Endowment Fund is also allocated to subsidize Union activities in the following categories:
    - student academic activities
    - student cultural/social activities
    - student sports activities


Student societies under the Students’ Union are eligible for applying the Funds.


Application Procedures 

  1. Student societies under the Students’ Union should complete the HKPUSU Function Form and submit it to the Student Affairs Office through the Finance Committee of the Students’ Union at least one month before the event takes place.
  2. HKPUSU Function Forms are obtainable from the Union Council (Room VA324) and the Student Affairs Office (Room ST314).
  3. Applications can be submitted any time of the year, preferably before the end of April.
  4. Applicants may be interviewed for further information if deemed necessary.
  5. On receiving an application from the Finance Committee of the Students’ Union, the Student Affairs Office will process the application and inform the applicant of the result within one week.
  6. Appeals and other matters of policy should be directed to the Student Affairs Office and the Union Council.

Payment Arrangement

Successful applicants are required to submit an activity report and a financial statement to the Auditing Commission of the Union Council within three weeks after completion of the activity.

On receiving the AUDITED financial statement from the Union Council, the Student Affairs Office will process payment of the subsidy (amount as specified on the audited financial statement) and the reimbursement will be issued to the Financial Secretary of the Executive Committee of the Students’ Union within ten working days. Advance payment will be considered under very special circumstances.

Applicants who wish to check the payment status may contact the Auditing Commission or the Financial Secretary of the Executive Committee of the Students' Union.

*Late submission of an activity report and a financial statement might result in not being able to claim the subsidies approved to the society.


*Late submission of an activity report and a financial statement might result in not being able to claim the subsidies approved to the society.


2.     Matching Fund

The University has set aside a SAO Matching Fund to subsidize the venue hire charge of student activities being held at Jockey Club Auditorium. Successful applicant will have to pay only 20% of the basic venue hire charge and the remaining 80% will be covered by the SAO Matching Fund.



Student societies under the Students’ Union and individual group of PolyU full-time students (excluding students of College of Professional and Continuing Education) are eligible for applying the Funds, subject to the following granting criteria:

  • Application shall be considered in light of the following nature:
    - University-wide cultural/social programmes;
    - Intellectual activities that will encourage student development;
    - Activities that are conducive to the overall benefit of PolyU student population at large.
  • The number of participants of the activity shall be over 400 persons.
  • Only non-profit making activity shall be considered.
  • The applicant must be the key function holder.


Application Procedures

  1. Forms are obtainable from Jockey Club Auditorium, together with the Auditorium booking form.
  2. Completed application form should be returned to the Student Affairs Office (Room ST314). To speed up the approval process, Activity Proposal (including details of activity objectives, date/time, content, number of participants and budget) or SU Function Form, whichever applicable should be submitted at the same time.
  3. If the application is from a student society under the Students' Union (HKPUSU), the application should be countersigned by the chairman of the society.
  4. Application should be submitted at least 2 months prior to the date of activity.
  5. Applicant may be invited to SAO to discuss the details and the budget of the proposed activity.
  6. Applicants will be informed of the result within 7 working days after the application form is submitted to the Student Affairs Office.
  7. Successful applicants are required to submit an Activity Report to the Student Affairs Office (Room ST314) within 3 weeks after the completion of the activity.

3.     Chinese Mainland and Overseas Activities Fund

Funds are available to encourage and subsidize individual full-time UGC funded students or student groups for organizing non-course required / non-credit bearing activities in Chinese mainland and overseas which are conducive to the promotion of the image of the University, establishment of links between the University and other Chinese or overseas institutions, and enhancement of understanding of China and other overseas countries. The activities should NOT be part of the formal course requirements and should either be initiated/ planned by the students themselves, or jointly organized with a department of the University. Subsidies will normally cover only part of the expenses incurred by an activity. Applications will be invited two times a year.

If the application is from a student society under the Students' Union, the applicant should be the leader of the proposed activity and an office-bearer of the student society concerned. The application should be countersigned by the chairman of the society and endorsed by the Finance Committee of the Union Council.


Fund Raising

Student groups other than official student organizations of the Students’ Union are not advised to raise funds from the public to finance the student activities of one kind or another. Money matters, if not handled properly (be it due to ignorance or inefficiency), may adversely affect the goodwill of the student organization, if not that of the entire University.

Student organizations are recommended to provide potential donors, sponsors and advertisers with printed materials stating the:

  • Nature and objectives of the student organization
  • purpose of fund raising
  • target amount to be raised
  • credibility of the organization (e.g. seek consent from patrons, advisers for using their names for fund raising, state the name and position of auditor who should preferably be holding a responsible position, if not a staff member of the University, provide a recommendation letter about the fund raising exercise from a staff member of the University who is fully aware of the activities of the said organization)

When the Activity is over…

As a matter of courtesy and for the goodwill of student organization, all donors or advertisers should be appropriately informed of the activity outcomes and how their donations have been spent.  Student organizations are strongly recommended to prepare the following items when the activity is over.

  • An acknowledgement of all donations should be prepared and sent to all donors or advertisers.
  • A financial statement for the activity should be properly prepared and audited as early as possible and sent to all donors, together if possible with a simple report of the event.
  • For journals and other publications, a copy of the publication should be sent to each and every advertiser or sponsor when the publication is ready.

Action Relation to Change in Plan

All donors or advertisers should be fully informed of any change in plan of the activities which involved fund raising. The donors or advertisers should be consulted if the purpose of the activity has changed substantially. In the event that the activity has to be cancelled for whatever reason, an offer must be made to return all donations to the respective donors or advertisers without delay. It is however quite proper to seek donor’s consent to convert the funds to another purpose. The decision should rest with the donors.

Fund Raising through an Outside Agent

No student organization may use the services of an outside agent or organization for fund raising or publication purpose.

Use of University Venues by Students

1.     Booking of Venues

For events held in the following venues of the University, please submit the booking form with a copy of function form to MADSPAF of Students’ Union (including the requests on the venue booking, set-up of stage and electricity supply). MADSPAF will send the application to FMO & SAO for approval/ *endorsement if needed (*especially the events involve external parties, like joint organizers/guests/participants and musical and/or stage performance).

  • Covered wing podiums
  • Exhibition booths & counters (e.g. counters outside VA building)
  • Special Venues (e.g. Chan Sui Kau & Chan Lam Moon Chun Square)
  • Classrooms
  • Activity rooms at Amenities Centre & Block Z
2.     Booking of Promotional Channels

For booking the following promotional channels of the University, please submit the booking form with a copy of function form to Publicity Affairs Committee (PAC) of Students’ Union. PAC will send the application to FMO & SAO for approval/ endorsement if needed.

  • Banners
  • Core Pictures
  • Flag Seas
  • Floor Stickers
  • Pillar Banners (lower part)
  • Digital Display Systems
  • LED Display panels at Chan Sui Kau & Chan Lam Moon Chun Square and FGHJ Courtyard
3.     Terms and Conditions for Use of Venues and Facilities

Please click here for the full version of Terms and Conditions for Students

  • The activity shall not cause any disruption to the normal activities and operation of the University.
  • The University reserves the right to discontinue the function if the conditions stated herein are deemed to be violated.
  • No activity involving sale of commodities and/or making profit, marketing or promotion of commodities is allowed on University premises.
  • No rental shall be received by students for using any venue of the University.
  • No commercial messages, price tag or logo/ advertisement of sponsor is allowed to show on the promotional materials therein (eg. display posters, banners, flag seas, core pictures, etc.).
  • Students shall ensure at least 50% of the participants of the function held on the campus are University students and staff as required by Student Affair Office.
  • Song dedication, stage performance or musical performance are only allowed between 12:30p.m. to 2:00p.m.
4.     Large-scale Events on Podium
  • No matter you are running an in-house event or a joint-function in association with external parties, you have to ensure that at least 50% of the participants are PolyU students and staff.
  • If the event involves
    - musical performance/song dedication
    - sponsored activity (e.g. commercial promotion, advertisement, etc) and/or
    - external guests/participants (e.g. fans, bands, celebrities, etc.)

    you are advised to inform Facilities Management Office (FMO) and SAO of the activity background, programme rundown, floor plan of event venue, sponsor list and information of guests invited.

    There should not be any excessive noise at any time in any university venue where such noise could cause disturbance to others, in particulars, teaching/exams activities.
  • A production meeting with FMO and SAO is highly recommended so as to facilitate the provision of support or facilities, as well as to address the issues on crowd control, noise control and security/safety matters. (It is recommended that the said meeting be arranged at least 2 weeks prior to the event.)
  • The programme in-charge should also check on the health, safety and environment issues during the preparation of the activity. Please refer to the Safety Guidelines for Works/ Activities at Campus/ Podium.

 5.     Misuse of Classrooms

  • Please ensure university resources are fully utilized and in a proper manner.
  • No eating and drinking is allowed.
  • Students are required to reinstate the venue(s) to the original state before the booking period comes to an end.
  • Student is required to pay $1000 per hour per classroom as penalty for not showing up within the specified booking hours. To facilitate university resources are fully utilized, you are strongly advised to make formal request of venue booking cancellation at least 2 working days in advance of the booking date.

Event Management

1.     Involvement of the President

In case you need the presence of the President at your events, for example, delivering a speech at the ceremony or printing a message from him in a brochure, please send an invitation to the President’s Office. Your invitation should be sent at least three weeks in advance, and the organizing committee is advised to provide necessary background information of the function.

2.     Invitation of guests
  • External guests
    Once the date and the guest of honour have been confirmed, invitation to guests should be extended well in advance. An invitation letter/ card, together with a reply slip, should be sent out to guests at least two weeks prior to the function. If invitation is extended to external guests, please include a campus map for reference.
  • Internal guests
    If you are unsure about the name and title of PolyU senior staff, please click here to view the senior staff directory.

    Please send a guest list to all members of the officiating party when the attendance of guests is confirmed.
3.     Corsage or Souvenirs

Please note that the President does not wear corsage or accept souvenirs at PolyU-organized functions, unless under very exceptional circumstances, in order to save resources which can be utilized elsewhere.

4.     Master of Ceremonies

Please identify a presentable, experienced MC who can help manage situation if things go wrong. He/she should be well briefed in advance of the programme rundown as well as name and title of officiating guests. Please approach SAO for advice on MC script, if necessary.

5.     Use of the PolyU Logo

Student organizations should not use the PolyU logo without prior authorization, unless the event is jointly organized with PolyU departments. Please consult with SAO and CPA, if necessary.


Duty of Care as Organizers of Mass Activities

  • The student bodies should exercise duty of care as organizers of mass activities. It is important to be vigilant against the communicable diseases (
  • The organizers should plan ahead for emergency preparedness, such as provide alcohol-based handrub and surgical masks, temperature monitoring and refund of activity fees as appropriate.

Points to Observe when Organizing Orientation Activities

  • Be friendly to our nature & environment and run “green” orientation activities.
  • Observe rules and regulations for use of university campus and also rules of the respective campsite.
  • Exercise self-discipline to maintain the highest standards of good citizenship. Be considerate and not to bring about any inconvenience to other people in the neighbourhood.
  • The University reserves the right to discontinue the right of using venue if a student organization, participating in orientation activities, is found to have violated the conditions laid down by the University.
  • Any individual students who behave badly or act in a way that may cause loss, cost, liability, damage, embarrassment or inconvenience to the University/ neighbourhood (e.g. MTR) will be subject to disciplinary actions on individual basis.
  • Respect different values, feelings and sensitivity among freshmen of different gender, background and race. Respect equal opportunities with specific attention to equal opportunity legislation against sex discrimination, disability discrimination and race discrimination.
  • Get to know your personal liability against any games or inappropriate behaviours that may constitute unlawful acts and/or creating a sexually intimidating or hostile environment.
  • Observe the Guidelines of Orientation Activities issued by your Union Council and ensure freshmen aged below 18 to submit Guardian/ Parent Consent Form when they sign up for o'camps.
  • Activity organizers should prepare a small stock of face masks and alcohol hand rub for contingency use during the activities. As far as budget is concerned, organizers should have good planning and ensure orientation activities are run on a self-financed basis. Orientation organizers should first approach SU Executive Committee if they have any difficulties in budgeting additional resources.
  • Take precautionary measures to observe personal hygiene of campers and to be to be vigilant against the communicable diseases (
  • Observe the finance regulations of Finance Committee before getting sponsorship from outside organizations. The societies have to discuss the financial needs with Finance Committee (FC) of Union Council and get FC’s approval before any agreement with potential sponsors.

Group Personal Accident Insurance Coverage

  • The PolyU has acquired Group Personal Accident Insurance Policy for Students on an annual basis. The said policy covers PolyU registered students against accidental death and permanent total disability as well as accidental medical expenses arising from the activities organized by the University or its student organizations.
  • Student organizations are advised to conduct risk assessment of its student activities and take every precautionary measure to ensure safety for participants. Should there be any incidents, the function chairperson should report to Student Affairs Office and fill out the Accident/Incident Report Form (HSE Form 2) within 72 hours of the said incident.
  • Insurance Claim Form and the supporting documents (including original medical receipts, doctor’s referral, the Accident/Incident Report endorsed by SAO) must be forwarded to Finance Office via SAO within 90 days of the date of occurrence.
  • For further information about insurance claim procedures and related documents, please contact Student Affairs Office.

Health and Safety Issues inside VA Building

1.     Potential Risks

  • SU organizations are advised to take the appropriate actions on housekeeping issue in order to reduce the fire risk and accident to the people/ students using the SU offices/ premises.
  • Polyurethane foam filled furniture and mattress items to be used in VA building should meet the qualified standards. The sub-standard furniture should be removed from the VA building as soon as possible.

2.     Smoking Problems

  • It is the University's policy that no smoking is allowed anywhere indoors or outdoors on campus starting from 1 January 2007.
  • The appropriate disciplinary action will be taken against those violated.


1.     Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance

Every student club, as data user who controls the collection, holding, processing, disclosure, transfer or use of personal data, has to observe the personal data privacy rights of a data subject. Both criminal and civil proceedings may be commenced in the event of any failure to comply with the Ordinance. To view the ‘Ordinance at A Glance’, please visit the website of the Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data, Hong Kong at

2.     Equal Opportunities Ordinance

All student organizations are expected to uphold the highest standards in its day to day operation and delivery of student activities. Organizers of student activities should ensure its programmes are free from sex, race, disability and family status discriminations. Committee members are encouraged to take part in specific workshop(s) tailor-made for student leaders in cultivating awareness on equal opportunities issues.

Equal Opportunities Commission:

Handout for O’camp leaders: “Sexual Harassment Prevention on Campus”

(View Policy on Sexual Harassment at

3.     Intellectual Property

All student leaders should protect the intellectual property when organizing the activities. “Intellectual property” refers to the intangible property rights, which are distinct and separate from the physical property rights of the tangible objects. Intellectual Property includes trademarks, patents, copyright, registered designers, etc. Intellectual property is important to us: brand names, logos on clothes, articles in the newspaper, TV programmes, pop songs, films and fashion designs have a strong connection with intellectual property rights.

Intellectual Property Department:



General Advice & Support


 Mrs. May Yeung

      Mrs. May Yeung
      Executive Officer
      Student Affairs Office

      Telephone: 2766 5414

 Ms. Queenie Ching

     Ms. Queenie Ching
Assistant Officer
     Student Affairs Office

     Telephone: 3400 3760