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Social Development

We have different programmes to cultivate students’ LEADERSHIP, TEAMWORK, COMMUNICATION and INTERPERSONAL EFFECTIVENESS. Students are expected to be able to motivate and engage a team to work towards a common goal, to support and collaborate with teammates and to communicate and relate with others appropriately, confidently and effectively.

Leadership refers to the ability to build up a common vision; infuse team members with energy and confidence; encourage people to persist in their efforts; explore new ways to improve; and implement strategies that enhance the overall performance of the team.

Teamwork refers to the willingness to support team decisions; and the ability to exchange information about work in a timely manner; maintain openness to information, ideas, and feelings of others (including negative ones); create and maintain an atmosphere that fosters open communication; and effectively manage and resolve conflicts.

It refers to the ability to apply oral and writing skills to communicate clearly, concisely, and effectively with others. Oral communication includes listening and understanding, and speaking appropriately in words, tone and style to convey messages to the audience. Written communications include reading and understanding, and writing documents clearly and appropriately in various formats and language styles with the additional use of illustrations (e.g. charts, figures, tables, graphs, etc.)

Interpersonal Effectiveness
Interpersonal effectiveness refers to the mastery of essential social skills to perform effectively in major interpersonal task domains (e.g. “initiation”, “self-disclosure”, and “assertion of personal rights and displeasure” and the ability to engage others in social discourse.