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Physical and Psychological Development

Physical Education is a major programme for all, not only to train up the body, but also to promote HEALTHY LIFESTYLE and SPORTSMANSHIP. Through participating in Active Lifestyle Activities, such as PE Course, Keep Fit Campaign, Fitness Room User Introductory Courses, Exercise and Fitness Workshops, students will be able to develop a healthy lifestyle habit and enhance their physical fitness.

Psychological Wellness and EQ are key factors contributing to students’ success in university study and in achieving a satisfying personal life. Through offering a wide variety of personal development programmes and mental health caring activities, we strive to develop student’s life-coping skills and enhance their psychological well-being.

Healthy Lifestyle
The way people live and develop habits in fostering good health.

It is the virtues of fairness, ethics, respect, courage, persistence and self-control.

EQ, AQ & Psychological Wellness
It is the ability to perceive and express emotions, to understand and to manage them for fostering personal growth; to have resilience and flexibility when facing life problems or changes; to be aware of one’s identity