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Personal Development Programmes (PDP)

Our Personal Development Programme (PDP)* focuses on the building up of core competencies conducive to the all-round development of our students. A SPECIAL framework has been worked out to facilitate students' personal fulfillment in the university years and also offer students the pathway towards success in future. Hot topics include: A Good Start at PolyU, Effective Learning Skills, Better Time Management, Social Skills, Understanding your AQ & EQ, Stress & Anger Management, 16 PF Personality Testing and Career Planning & Essential Job Hunt Skills.

The SPECIAL programmes will be organized throughout the academic year to help students develop the transferable skills. We may also offer tailor-made programmes for you if you can find a group of students who share a common topic. You’re welcome to enrol into the PDP and progress at our own pace.

Please visit our website for our latest activity schedule.

* Please note that the PDP will be restructured and renamed the Growth Programme leading to Success (GPS) starting from September 2015.