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It embraces both LIFE-LONG LEARNING & GLOBAL OUTLOOK. Students are encouraged to cultivate an aspiration, initiative and confidence towards the mastery of new knowledge.

Life-long Learning
Lifelong learning refers to ongoing acquisition of knowledge, skills and competencies pursued throughout life. Therefore, it involves one’s ability to cultivate an aspiration towards the mastery of new knowledge and skills, to take initiative to formulate one’s own plan and direct one’s learning activities by managing well the available learning resources. The key objective of lifelong learning is to cope with social, economic, political, environmental and technological changes. Learn more

Global Outlook
Global outlook refers to an understanding of the interdependency of nations and peoples, and the political, economic, ecological, and social concepts and values that affect lives within and across national boundaries. Having a general knowledge of history and world events and the ability to accept and cope with the existence of different cultural values and attitudes, it allows for the exploration of multiple perspectives on events and issues.