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Career Development

Students are encouraged to start their CAREER EXPLORATION early and to reflect on the work competencies they have to acquire or enhance. Through internships, students gain valuable real work experiences which not only enhance students’ EMPLOYABILITY but also provide insights for the application of the theories learnt.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP is also promoted. It means the ability and initiative to discover, create and catch new opportunities, willingness to take risk and meet challenges of new prospects.

Career Exploration
Ability to identify career interest and choice and develop career plan and strategies.

Ability to acquire soft skills in the workplace and daily life; and be familiar with job. hunting skills.

Entrepreneurship refers to the major behavioural characteristics of entrepreneurs:
(1) proactively scan business environments in search of new opportunities;
(2) generate innovative solutions to problems;
(3) take initiatives in identifying and organizing resources to convert opportunities into marketable goods or services;
(4) create own business organizations.