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SPECIAL Programmes


Students may make use of the SPECIAL Programme Search Engine to find out programmes available for enrolment by specifying relevant searching criteria, e.g. SPECIAL domains. Our programmes are categorized under the SPECIAL Domains focusing on the attributes of global outlook, interest in local and international affairs, problem-solving, critical and creative thinking, life-long learning, ethical consideration, communication and interpersonal skills, cultural appreciation, entrepreneurship, teamwork, leadership, EQ, physical fitness and sportsmanship.


The Student Affairs Office offers a comprehensive range of developmental programmes and activities for the holistic development of students.








• It provides you with a comprehensive guide for meeting your developmental needs
• It facilitates your goal setting and planning for your own development
• It enables purposeful learning to inspire you to life-long learning
• It helps enhance your competitiveness upon graduation


Your KEY to success










How to be SPECIAL


SPECIAL helps you adopt a strategic approach to plan your own development:

Chart of strategic approach to plan your own development

All-round Development

Personal Development is a life-long journey through which you can add values to your competencies to achieve all-roundedness.  You will have to figure out who you are, what kind of a person you want to be, set goals, make action plans and carry out your plans, reflect on and document your experiences, and review the whole learning progress to consider another development plan. You are encouraged to follow key steps of personal development journey.

Step 1: Understand yourself
You will get to know your all-round development profile.  You can identify your developmental needs by taking a closer look into your competencies status through the online questionnaires grouped under 14 competencies. You can find out in your SPECIAL ePortfolio your personal strengths and weaknesses, your fitness level and psychological health status.

Step 2: Set goal & plan
Make your development more purposeful with specific goals.  Work out action plans with measurable steps you need to take in order to meet the goals.

Step 3: Get experience
When you carry out your planned actions, be sure you do not miss out the co-curricular activities which can help you enhance personal competencies.  Get yourself engaged in work-integrated education and placement opportunities which can help you enhance workplace competencies.

Step 4: Document your experience

Reflect on your co-curricular or internship experiences and articulate your growth and achievements.  Write journal on your learning progress of the competencies you first set as learning objectives.  Collect live examples and evidence of your skills. 

Step 5: Showcase your achievement
Review on your documentations and journals.  Select the best artifact or good work that can demonstrate evidence of your strengths and competencies through a showcase of your valuable learning experiences.  Build your showcase portfolio to demonstrate your generic skills.

Share your success stories with your peers and instructors.  Invite them to give comments and feedback.








What is under SPECIAL?

Social Development
Physical and Psychological Development
Career Development
Intellectual Development