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PortfolioSPECIAL ePortfolio
Student Interface
This personalized portal aims to help students understand themselves and their competencies, reflect on their personal goals and experience, showcase and document their achievements, and to help them evaluate and articulate the learning outcomes developed through activities which took place in and out of the classroom. Students are encouraged to make full use of the ePortfolio for:

• Self-understanding
• Planning and setting goals
• Reflection and showcase of achievements
• Sharing of learning experiences

Key features of the student interface include MyProfile, MyPlan, MyJournal, myAssignment, MyResume, MyShowcase and myTools (sharing, file management, address book, etc.).

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SPECIAL ePortfolio

Instructor Interface
The Instructor Interface offers teachers online assignment and assessment solution which helps

• extend student learning experience beyond the classroom
• enable students to make meaningful connections of their learning and campus life over time


What is under SPECIAL?

Social Development
Physical and Psychological Development
Career Development
Intellectual Development


Why use SPECIAL ePortfolio / Benefits of SPECIAL ePortfolio

The key advantage of using SPECIAL ePortfolio platform is that it can facilitate students to review personal progress and achieve goals in personal, academic or professional development. It is also a one-stop portal where students can select their better work and showcase their success stories to faculty members, peers and future employers.

SPECIAL ePortfolio is valuable to students in the following ways:

Well developed assessment tools on generic competencies, mental health status and occupational interests are available to enhance student self-understanding
An effective learning platform where students can get feedback from designated party or instructors on assignments or artifacts, and review their learning progress.

A personal portal that promotes academic, personal and career development by connecting and reflecting students’ learning experiences happening in and out of the classroom.

Multi-media showcase features available for students to demonstrate their accomplishments.

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