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To be a significant contributor to students’ all-round development.


SAO’s primary function is in line with the University’s mission of enhancing students’ all-round development. Through the provision of our comprehensive range of co-curricular programmes and activities, we strive to contribute significantly to the holistic development of students and to strengthen their employability, particularly in the areas of global outlook, interest in local and international affairs, problem-solving, critical and creative thinking, life-long learning, ethical consideration, communication and interpersonal skills, cultural appreciation, entrepreneurship, teamwork, leadership, EQ, physical fitness and sportsmanship. Our wide range of services and facilities are intentionally designed and delivered to enable students to benefit most from the university life and to foster the optimum living and learning environment that enhances the sense of community at PolyU.


To provide and coordinate co-curricular activities under a comprehensive SPECIAL all-round development framework addressing students’ needs and facilitating their development as pledged in our Strategic Plan 09-12. 

To provide intensive care and support to help students cope with their concerns and difficulties, be they emotional, physical, interpersonal, career, residential or financial.

To help create an environment with an ambience conducive to students' interflow as well as the development of their mind and body.

To form strategic partnership with parties within and outside PolyU for opportunities, support and resources in line with our mission and goals.

* SPECIAL Framework is the acronym for the personal progression in Social, Physical, Psychological, Ethical, Careers, Intellectual, Aesthetic, Learning domains.