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The PolyU-SDU Joint Research Center on Financial Mathematics



The Purpose of The Joint Research Center (JRC) is to promote research collaboration on Financial Mathematics among researchers of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) and Shandong University (SDU). The PolyU and SDU will be referred to as the Party (the Party). JRC will foster technical exchange and research cooperation between Mainland China and Hong Kong, and allows the Party to capitalize on their specialties to extend the frontiers of Financial Mathematics. The collaboration is expected to yield benefits in the developments of integrated solutions of Financial Mathematics.

Structure and Personnel
  • Professor Shige Peng, Academician of Chinese Academy of Science, Head and Professor of Research, Institute of Mathematics, Shandong University
  • Professor Defeng Sun, Head and Chair Professor of Department of Applied Mathematics, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Deputy Directors

Membership of the JRC

Members of the JRC shall consist of interested academic and research staff who are normally employed by the Party or they may be employed by other universities in Mainland China or Hong Kong. Membership of the JRC is determined in consultation with the agreement of the Directors. Membership of the JRC will be reviewed from time to time by the Directors.

Research Projects
  • Initially, JRC will undertake 3-4 research projects on Financial Mathematics through discussions among the Directors. These projects will be reviewed for every two years and their continuation will be determined by the Directors.
  • New projects may be introduced subsequently through discussions among the Directors.
  • The aim is to tackle some important research topics on financial mathematics.
Conferences and Workshops
  • The JRC will organize conferences and workshops on financial mathematics in regular intervals. These can take place in venues in the Party's premises.

Past Events

19 Sep, 2021 - PolyU-SDU Joint Research Center on Financial Mathematics Workshop: Optimization and Control Theory with Related Applications

17 Oct, 2020 - The 3rd Asian Quantitative Finance Seminar (AQFS)

22 Aug, 2020 - Workshop on Collaboration and Exchange Project between Shandong University and The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

18 Aug, 2011 - Workshop on Applied Statistics & Financial Mathematics:

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