Date & Time Colloquium Speaker Supplementary Information
23-12-2021 Efficient spectral methods and error analysis for nonlinear Hamiltonian systems Prof. Zhimin ZHANG
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17-12-2021 Kaczmarz-type inner-iteration preconditioned flexible GMRES methods for consistent linear systems Prof. Junfeng YIN
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15-12-2021 Regularisation methods with Nonsmooth Norms Prof. Philippe TOINT
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02-12-2021 Variational Principle Based Method for Image Processing Prof. Zhongyi Huang
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01-12-2021 What if we knew what the future brings, even on short term notice? Prof. Peter Bank
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23-11-2021 Relative Optimization and Time-Nonhomogeneous Markov Chains Prof. Xiren Cao
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23-11-2021 Recent developments in fractional calculus theory and fractional calculus of variations as well as their numerical methods Prof. Xiaobing Feng
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18-11-2021 Time Fractional Gradient Flows: Theory and Numerics Prof. Abner J. Salgado
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18-11-2021 MARS: A Theoretical and Computational Framework for Fluid Modeling, Interface Tracking, and Multiphase-Flow Simulations Prof. Qinghai Zhang
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11-11-2021 Single-Field Finite Element Simulations for Fluid-Structure Interactions Prof. Peter Jimack
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